Aerobics – Dance You Way To Physical And Mental Fitness

Dancing your way to fitness is a highly popular form of exercise. It does not need any major investment. You need to enroll in a good class. The instructor must be CPR certified with experience. The music must be peppy and energetic. Aerobic fitness is great cardiovascular exercise and it requires only about an hour of your precious time every day. Do it for three months and see the difference in your mental and physical state.

Doing aerobic exercise in a group class really motivates oneself to gain fitness. There is no better feeling than getting egged on by other participants. The benefit is mutual and you make a lot of new friends. There are many classes mushroomed all over and choosing the right class is a very tricky business. Do not go by word of the mouth and personally go and check out classes before zeroing on one.

There are three main types of Aerobic fitness. No-impact, minimal impact and high-impact forms of exercise. No-impact is the easiest form where there is least stress on the joints and only thigh muscles are impacted and not the muscles of feet and calves. There is no jumping and only the arm movements are there. Low-impact aerobic fitness needs the feet to be close together and only one foot at a time leaves the floor. High-impact aerobic fitness is the toughest and most demanding. Both the feet can be over the floor and there is a lot of movements and jumping. Start of the aerobic fitness with first two types and then graduate to the last type after about a month of aerobic training.

The space need for each participant must be six feet by six feet. You should freely move your arms and legs without touching your neighbor student. The floor should be hard wooden. Concrete floor with carpets is to be avoided. It is must to have a warm up and cool down phase. Monitor your pulse rate at least midway once. The instructor should give time for pulse checking. The music should be peppy, energetic and not too loud such that you cannot hear the instructor. It should pep you to go on and on. When you join, a class do not try to keep pace with the class right away. Rest in between if you are tired and you will see that over a period of two weeks into the class you will effortlessly keep pace with the class. Drink a lot of fluids and do not become dehydrated.

Nowadays, step aerobics is gaining popularity. Step movements wide the range of movement and it involves stepping on and off a low cushioned bench. The height of the step for beginners should be four inches and gradually increased to 8 to 12 inches with experience. Setting the step size too high could lead to back stress or knee injury. Initially, the hands can be kept on the hips. The distance from legs to step should be one foot. Always look straight up and do not look at your legs, to avoid neck strain. Aerobic fitness can be done in the pool too, and water aerobics is fast catching up a popular exercise for fitness.

Join an aerobic fitness class today and dance your way to physical and mental fitness.